Dissociation Identity Disorder (DID) was identified, studied, and documented by the Frenchman Pierre Janet over 100 years ago and considered a rare condition. Prior to 1994, Dissociation was known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It is a psychological coping condition that occurs as a result of a violation of one or several of the senses and safe boundaries through (severe) trauma occurring in early childhood (conception -10 years old.) This is known within a spiritual framework as "fragmentation of the soul" and is precipitated through severe trauma which creates an emotional overload which the individual is unable to mentally cope with and they dissociate from the trauma. The phenomenon may be reflected in the Hebrew text of Isaiah 61:1, which refers to those "shattered in heart and mind."

Dissociation is on a continuum from such simple things as daydreaming, "highway hypnosis", through to extreme amnesic dissociation coming as a result of Ritual Abuse and Trauma Based Mind Control. The more serious the trauma, the more likelihood of fragmentation or splitting occurring on the continuum, to the point where separate personalities or parts are formed. DID can occur either incidentally or through deliberate and intentional mind control techniques. Out of the fragmentation or splitting, "alternative personalities" or "alters" are created to handle the traumatic situation.

These"alters" have a personality or mind, will and emotions of their own. Subtle or bizarre behavioural and mood changes may occur within the person with or without their perception, or awareness that the body, mind, emotions, and will are being controlled by sources from within. Dissociation is a creative coping strategy which is adopted to enable the victim of early childhood trauma to survive. It can be likened to exceeding the threshold of mental, or emotional pain beyond which the person could normally accommodate without experiencing a breakdown. When a young child faces such a traumatic event, if the undeveloped soul is overloaded, fragmentation of the soul may be precipitated, together with the memories of the event suppressed. An alter personality may be created as a Type of clone of the Host, but the nature, disposition, and temperament may differ significantly from the host.

The extent to which this may occur will vary, and may be influenced by the severity of the trauma, whether it arose out of ritual or ritualistic abuse, the sensitivity of the child's nature, or other variables. Within the fragmented or dissociative person, either co-consciousness and/or amnesia may be present regarding time, specific events, or circumstances; but it is observed that amnesia is particularly present in the more severely traumatised where Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) has occurred.



The DID condition is acknowledged in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (known as DSM IV) published by the American Psychiatric Association (pages 484- 487).   Listed under "Diagnostic criteria for 300.14" DID, the manual identifies:

"A. The presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self).

B. At least two of these identities or personality states recurrently take control of the person's behaviour.

C. Inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

D. The disturbance is not due to the direct psychological effects of a substance (e.g. blackouts or chaotic behaviour during Alcohol Intoxication) or a general medical condition (e.g. complex partial seizures).

Note: In children the symptoms are not attributable to imaginary playmates or other fantasy play."


SAMPLE INDICATORS. (The existence of several of the following indicators in combination may prove to be significant)

* Awareness of inner voices or dialogue. (Strong conflicting thoughts within the head)

* Driving to a destination and being able to recall leaving and arriving, but being unable to recall some or all of the details of the journey.

* Difficulty locating where their vehicle is parked when emerging from a shopping complex, etc.

* Feeling the need when dressing to go out, to change clothes several times because "this just isn't me"

* Flashbacks or ab-reactions - a sense of reliving previous traumatic events.

* Lost or unaccounted for periods of time (hours, days, or longer).

* Rapid changes or switching between various moods.

* Feelings or fear of going crazy or losing control.

* Self-mutilation or self-harm, with no reason or remembrance of how or why.

* Sensations of rapid spinning of the person or the room with feeling like passing out.

* Sensations of rapid dropping or failing.

* Full moon affects the mood or behaviour.

* Eating disorders e.g. Anorexia, Bulimia, etc.

* Digestive disorders. (e.g. reflux).

* Depression and hopelessness.

* Thoughts of suicide.

* Experiences of panic attacks.

* Agoraphobia, or other phobias.

* Migraine or severe headaches.

* Colitis.

* Epilepsy or pseudo-epilepsy.

* Blackouts.

* Self-hatred, low or no self esteem.

* Inherent sense of being evil.

* Little or no memory of childhood years.

* Hyper-vigilance.

* Random variation in vision, despite being fitted with glasses.

* Variation in styles of handwriting.

* Head-banging.

*Gaining comfort through soft toys or small animals.



Recent research has documented that as much as 10% of the general population and 20% to 50% of psychiatric inpatients are dissociative to some degree. Other reports suggest Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is far more extensive than is currently recognised and according to some authorities, taking up to 5 years to correctly diagnose, and from about three and a half years and upwards to successfully treat, but time for both the diagnosis and treatment using Christian ministry and counselling may be dramatically reduced.

It is believed that fragmentation of the soul occurs through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that Dissociation is an emotional and psychological condition that generally occurs in early childhood (from conception to under approx. 10 years) following severe trauma.



There is however, a major difference between Dissociation occurring as a result of the above, and Ritual Abuse (RA), Satanic or Sadistic Ritual Abuse (SRA). This is the adoption of deliberate strategies of sophisticated mind control techniques to produce totally amnesic dissociative persons. The intention of creating SRA victims (and sometimes who in turn become perpetrators) is for the purpose of empowerment of an Abusive System, be it religious, cultic, or organisational. This may be accomplished through rituals involving Terror; Torture; Psychic projections and interventions; Mind Control (including the use of hypnotic trance and mind altering drugs); violation of all the senses and moral boundaries; electrocution; starvation; social, emotional and sensory deprivation. The mind control and programming may also introduce the use of sensory triggers to produce post-hypnotic and trance-like states, which subjugate the normal conscious and rational thought and reason of the person/s soul. in order to create a slave to serve the objects of the abuser/s.



The very possibility of such things existing or possibly occurring, in a civilised nation or community is so monstrous a concept, that it assaults and violates all our reason and senses.

And yet when during the Second World War, reports of the nature of the genocide being perpetrated by Hitler and the SS against the Jews began filtering through to the Allies, they were treated with incredulity and purely the product of propaganda. Too late we learned the truth!

Like the Holocaust, SRA is real, and is occurring today in Australia, and throughout the world.



"Many of the mechanisms of mind control programming which cultists use to intimidate, confuse, and control their victims have been developed over centuries. In addition to depraved human wisdom and knowledge, supernatural intelligence from the realms of darkness guide, enhance and enforce these schemes and constantly operate to frustrate therapy, and create chaos in the lives of both the therapist and client." #

"A typical Deliverance Ministry approach which ignores the reality of fragmentation and dissociation, may actually be unintentionally a form of spiritual abuse that causes great harm and additional trauma to the internal parts or personalities. A balanced approach that is both biblical and psychologically healthy is required." #  In the case of SRA survivors, levels of demonic oppression will be encountered as a result of being forced to partake in rituals and sacrifices, enter satanic and blood covenants and pacts, etc. This is one of the reasons that secular psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists etc., are unlikely to be completely successful in working with the Satanically Ritualised client because of the need to address the legal ground of the spiritual attachments. This is the province of the Christian minister, counsellor, and therapist.



Watchman Ministries Inc. has been raised up by God to warn the Body of Christ of the nature and effects of abuse be it spiritual, emotional, physical, childhood sexual, or cultic abuse operating inside or outside the Church. It aims to provide and disseminate resources training, networking, workshops and seminars to churches, Christian organisations, and supporters of victims and survivors through Christian Carers' Network, an arm of Watchman Ministries Inc. Individual ministry, exit counselling, and consultation is provided in bringing release from occultic involvement, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse, through scriptural based prayer-counselling, Isaiah 61 Restoration Ministry and deliverance ministry.

A 2011 Basic Manual of Isaiah 61 Restoration Ministry is now available from the authors.



Dissociation is a God given creative internal mechanism designed to enable the person to cope with overwhelming trauma, and might best be described as Gods’ circuit-breaker for the soul.

God promises and provides help through Christian ministry. Isaiah 61:1 "to bind up the broken hearted" (Hebrew text "the shattered in heart and mind") "proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to the prisoners." The Greek text of James 1:8 and 4.8 literally reads dipsucos or dipsucoi i.e. "Double Souled" but is generally poorly translated "double-minded".

When the seeds and roots of the trauma are dealt with through biblical prayer-ministry (and deprogramming and deliverance in the case of SRA), the prisoners are being released and healed through the power of Jesus Christ.


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