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The Spiritual Onslaught Directed against Missionaries at Home or in Foreign Lands

The Christian community and organisations frequently are involved in promotion of missionary activity either within indigenous communities at home or in foreign lands. They are legitimately sent in response to the Biblical commission of preaching the Gospel to all nations, particularly to cultures without the knowledge of the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While this is an appropriate fulfilment to the Great Commission which is to be encouraged, applauded and supported, often those who commit to serve Christ on the mission field are either in adequately prepared or ill-equipped to engage in the spiritual warfare that they will face.

In the course of many years of personal Ministry amongst people returning from missionary activity overseas (as well as verbal reports) from places such as Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, India, Vanuatu, Haiti, and the African subcontinent, overwhelming reports of premature deaths of missionaries or their siblings while overseas or following their return, as well as chronic sickness and oppression, emotional and physical burnout, wayward children, which seen to be far more disproportionate than their non-missionary counterparts.

If we as a nation commit police officers or soldiers, as peacekeepers or combatants in places such as Vietnam, Timor, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., they are thoroughly prepared, trained, drilled and equipped for the action, activity and role they are sent to undertake.

However, missionaries are frequently selected and chosen from volunteers who have had a sense of calling to go, but are rarely adequately prepared for the spiritual battlefield which they are about to encounter and undertake, often with their young families accompanying them. Many return broken and disillusioned, frequently subject to curses directed against them by the local Sharman, which-doctors, the Kadaicha-man, Tohunga (NZ), sorcerer, occultist, etc. This latter group are spiritually hostile to their tribes or contacts being transformed by the power of the gospel, and as a result the enmity is directed against their perceived enemy, the missionaries. And as a result they resort to invoking the power of witchcraft using curses, voodoo, poisoning, or any other means at their disposal.

When contacting an evangelical mission organisation to speak to the director, the call was answered by a young woman with broken English with a strong European accent who advised me that the director was absent from the office. I enquired about her strong accent. She explained she was from Germany by only days on her way to the Mission field in the Pacific region. I enquired of her awareness of Spiritual Warfare to which she responded “What is spiritual warfare? I go as a Christian to a Christian community to share the Gospel. Why do I need to know about spiritual warfare?” Over the next 20 minutes I was able to share some basic principles to prepare her for her visit.

Returning missionaries often bring back with them occult objects and artefacts such as ceremonial masks, Spears, arrows, boomerangs, didgeridoos, nulla-nullas, idols, etc., whose collection is justified on the basis of being of anthropological value. Yet we are warned in the Old Testament (Torah) not to bring any accursed of object into our homes, as it provides a spiritual stronghold that the enemy can use against us. Consider Joshua 6:18

Doctrinal beliefs and spiritual worldviews of those commissioning Christian organisations and denominations frequently dismiss and reject out of hand the possibility of Christians being affected or impacted by curses, witchcraft or sorcery. Proverbs 26:2 is frequently used as justification that Christians cannot be cursed. “Like the sparrow in her wandering, like the swallow in her flying, so the causeless curse does not alight.” (Proverbs 26:2 Amplified)  The significant words here are "causeless curse." That is without an initiator, instigator, reason, cause or purpose. This scripture is in the context of the book of Proverbs and is frequently taken out of context to suggest that Christians are impervious and immune to the intentional supernatural curses invoked against Christians by their adversaries. If Christians are fully kitted out with spiritual armour as recorded in Ephesians 6:10-18, there is then provided to them a outfit for their protection. Without that they are vulnerable. Consider the following scripture from the same book of Proverbs.Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].” (Proverbs 18:27 Amplified) this is cross-referenced and reinforced by our Lord in Matthew 12:37 which talks about the ultimate accountability for idle and intentional words spoken by all mankind.

Curses are real and need specific Warfare Prayer Ministry to enable the curses to be negated and broken.


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